Bakery brand new machinery, used machinery sales, purchase, trade-in, Tokai reserve to wholesale sales of maintenance and follow-up, ingredients and raw materials and product development.


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2020年10月26日 : Notice of HP update
10March 26

There is no update of this week.

2020年4月10日 : Announcements
Prototype of pound cake using candy oil Kun

・ Response to emergency declaration

We have opened an Instagram account!

2020In January 11. : 2021Guide of the year exhibition
Thank you very much exceptional, thank you.
Information on our exhibitions will be posted below.
Please stop by.

March 9, 2021(Fire)- 12th()
 2021MOBAC SHOW 2021
INTEX Osaka(Nanko)1- 5(A)No.1
We will inform you of the booth number as soon as it is decided.


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